19th International Exhibition of the Latest Car Models and the Best Auto Parts & Accessories

5-7 DECEMBER 2018 | Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

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About the Future Car Conference 2016

Oman is looking to step up its domestic auto production with a joint venture with the Iranian carmakers, and is set to commence production within a year. This will not only open the market potential of manufacturing, but also after sales and spare parts. Oman’s automotive sector provides great investment opportunities.

The Sultanate of Oman has witnessed 28% sales decrease in its automotive sector in the past year due to the dip in the oil prices; however, research conducted by BMI suggests that there would be a growth of 4% sales in passenger cars and 2.5% sales in commercial vehicles.

With the increase of customers in the automobile showrooms, the competition among various dealers has increased more than ever. Each dealer is focusing on selling more vehicles, converting more footfalls in sales whilst achieving higher profits on each sale for the company.

This conference aims to focus on methodologies in the automotive sales and marketing sector to adequately monitor and analyse prospective customers' behaviors as a basis for developing sales. Proper understanding of consumer buying behavior will help the marketer to succeed in the market. The present age has seen the automotive manufacturers and dealers changing their existing business and operational structures and realigning the models to revolve around the customers by adoption of various customer-centric models.

Drive electrification reduces dependence on oil, slashes CO2 emissions and allows the vehicles of tomorrow to be fully integrated into new multimodal traffic system models. This conference also aims to discuss the future mobility in Oman and to set the stage for the initial start of the electric car epoch in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Future Car Conference 2016 platform will focus on current topics related to electric mobility and introduce potentials, trends, best practices, infrastructure and new technological discoveries in this field. With the concurrent exhibition, latest developments in alternative mobility technologies will be in the spotlight. The conference aims to showcase the Sultanate as a smart and connected nation, sustainable with its own natural resources and where environmental components are sustainable, friendly and cost-effective.

The Future Car Conference 2016will discuss key themes such as Investment in the Automotive Sector, Customer Behavior & Management, eMobility & Electric Vehicles, Marketing, Sales & Service – The lifeline of Automobile industry, Political, Social and Technological Factors Prevailing in the Automotive Sector in the Sultanate, The Future of Oman’s Automotive Industry, Insurance Sector and Automotive Industry and Banking.


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